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Need a Highest Position to Are living? Revel in Gorgeous Days and Stunning Nights within the Palm Springs House

It’s that beautiful time of year again here in the Coachella Valley, when the weathermen draw blue wavy lines over the rest of the country and we get the sun. Today it’s in the low 70’s, the skies are blue with only some faint clouds and the mountains are covered in snow. So if you’re somewhere foggy, rainy, and snowy and can’t even think about leaving the house to go grocery shopping without putting on your thickest coat, I’ve got a few choice words for you, “What are you waiting for? Give me a call. I might surprise you!”

I love the desert. My favorite time is in the evening when I can sit on my back porch and watch the mountains change color. It starts off as a subtle shift at first, the rugged peaks slowly becoming a darker hue of brown. The sky shifts to a crescendo of rose and the mountains farthest away from the sunset reach into Mother Nature’s box of crayons and become bluish, then royal, and finally settle into shades of purple and crimson. The Eastern sky darkens as the first star twinkles. The moon is already up, catching the last of the setting suns brightness against its white disk. I turn back to the mountains and watch the hills…

It’s that time of year when the outside calls. The temperatures have been remarkable, and not just during the evening. If you haven’t dusted off the BBQ, you better get out the hose and the wire brush, because it’s a great time to fire up the ol’ grill and have some steaks with your wine. Share the evening with those you care about most. It’s too easy to let the good times slip away. The grind of work will still be there waiting for you. I promise. But one thing you’ll never regret is the memories of enjoying a good laugh, a ribalding story retold for the 100th time, or the smiles you’ll get from the people you love.

I have a friend who loves to just sit on his patio, share a good meal and watch the golfers go by. He’s a great commentator on the do’s and don’ts of the perfect game. I never see him on the fairway though. Another friend of mine doesn’t let a day go by that she isn’t on a court, a course or a field with a ball, a club or a racket. I love’em both and am glad to share many mornings and afternoons with them. That’s what makes life here in the desert so special. The mornings are beautiful and the day just gets better and better with each passing hour. Sunsets are spectacular and the restaurants are entertaining and delicious.

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